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Retailers from industry, Adult shops or novelty retailers, use the Lubr delivery service to get your product out to customers anytime.

Lubr fast 1hour service availble 24 hour means your customer gets what they want anytime of day. Once you close we keep you going.


Lubr picks up customers paid order and deliveres to verified address inputted at checkout.

For retailers account code and to add delivery details speak with our Lubr connectr team to get your shop on line with Lubr delivery.


We deliver from any store registered in Metro Melbourne. 

NO Fees just one payment , one pick up, one delivery using Lubr premium door to door delivery. 

minimum price includes one stop one pick.



1. You offer your customer Premium delivery in a hour and charge         the customer.

2. Log into LUBR delivery, add this feature.

3. Add YOUR STORE reciept\order\track number.

4. Add Customers Delivery Details

5. Proceed to Cart and Check out using wholesalers and retailers         details.

6. Pack Customers items and have ready for LUBR Pickup.

7. Lubr arrives and places item into scanned bag.

8. Lubr delivers item to Paid Customer.


Simple. Ask a consultant for DEMO. Already used by stores around Victoria.


SKU: 296200
  • *Illegal items are not deliverable and our lubr driver will refuse to pick up any items not for legal sale.

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