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At Lubrstore, we are driven by a passion for revolutionizing personal lubricants. In early 2020, visionary creator and founder of the LUBR concept, Gian Federici, embarked on a mission to change the game. Frustrated by the lack of affordable local options, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Enter SPF.D, our breakthrough personal lubricant designed to provide men with a safe, effective, and unforgettable experience. It's all about embracing the Sexy, Playful, and Fun vibes that enhance every moment.

But here's where Lubrstore takes it to the next level. We believe in catering to your preferences and trust in beloved brands. That's why we offer our signature lubricant and showcase a wide range of popular brands for both men and women. The best part? You can have them all on-demand, with lightning-fast delivery!

Introducing Lubr-delivery, our ground-breaking award-winning innovation that brings Lubrstore's products right to your fingertips. With this world-first concept, you have the freedom to purchase your desired personal lubricants online at any time, from anywhere, and enjoy prompt door-to-door delivery. We redefine convenience and accessibility, exclusively designed for the vibrant people of Melbourne and now serving satisfied customers all over Australia.


So, when the time comes for personal lubricants or exploring new pleasures, trust in the incredible journey of Lubrstore. From our quest for affordable personal lubricants and pioneering on-demand delivery, we have transformed the game, making your shopping experience pleasurable and hassle-free.


Get ready for a game-changer! LUBR STORE is the world's first dedicated online and delivery store for top-quality personal lubricants. We've curated a selection of leading brands, available 24/7, with lightning-fast on-demand delivery in 1 hour or less. Convenience, speed, and quality unite for an unparalleled shopping experience!


Our mission is simple: effortless access to the best personal lubricants. Whether you have a favourite brand or want to explore new options from your local Adult retailer, LUBR STORE has your perfect match.

But we don't stop there! Your privacy is our priority. Enjoy a safe, secure, and discreet shopping experience. Trust that your personal lubricant needs are handled with utmost care and confidentiality by industry-trained professionals.

Established 2020 in Melbourne, we're on hand, for when you need it. 



We are here to promote wellness: Experience pleasure without limits. We're passionate about promoting "wellness in the form of sexy, playful, fun" and breaking down societal stigmas. Unleash your desires and celebrate them proudly.

Support and Education: We're not just a store; we're your trusted ally. Our knowledgeable staff provides exceptional service, ensuring you receive the support and guidance you need. We also actively contribute to charity groups, positively impacting diverse communities.

Give Back while Pleasuring: When you choose LUBRSTORE, you're making a difference. Every purchase indirectly supports various communities through our ongoing contributions to charity groups and associations or as business referrals in our affiliate programs with retailers.

Exceptional Service: Your satisfaction is our top priority. e. From helping you find the perfect products to answering your questions, and getting to you quickly, we're committed to ensuring your journey with us is exceptional.

LUBRSTORE for an empowering journey filled with pleasure, Let's break barriers and make a meaningful difference together!


LUBR is not just a name; it's an acronym that embodies the core values and principles of Lubrstore. Each letter represents a key aspect of our commitment to providing exceptional service, offering unique products, maintaining high standards of excellence, and building trust and reliability with our customers. Together, we explore pleasure and promote a sense of "wellness" through sexy, playful, and fun experiences.

We go beyond the ordinary, we actively supports awareness by breaking down barriers and stigmas associated with the sex industry and community groups. We believe in creating a safe and inclusive space where everyone can freely express themselves.

Our dedication to excellence extends to our delivery services. With our "last mile delivery" approach, we ensure that our products reach you in record time, exactly when you need them. 

Lubrstore has become Australia's premier personal lubricant and delivery program, trusted and relied upon by countless individuals and retail stores by locally and internationally

Choose Lubrstore, where loyalty, uniqueness, brilliance, and reliability come together to create an unforgettable experience. 



LUBR believe that by engaging with and contributing to the communities in which we live and work, we can have a positive social impact, make a lasting contribution and help achieve positive change. 

LUBR is creating community support and engagement, and we continue to maintain strong and meaningful partnerships with our local communities.  

We do this by partnering with leading charitable organisations and support groups seeking to address measures of change, prevention and support to meet the needs of the vulnerable for a safer and more rewarding approach to one's self.



During Public Holidays, we operate with limited service hours at Lubr. We prioritize the well-being of our employees and recognize their importance alongside our customers. By limiting our service, we ensure our dedicated staff can spend valuable time with their loved ones and engage with the community we serve. These are the very people who provide them with the opportunity to work and maintain a healthy work-life balance. At Lubr, we strive to infuse joy and happiness into every aspect of our operations as part of our wellness initiatives. We aim to make everyone feel good.

To find out more about our delivery schedule during holidays, please visit our delivery or contact page for additional information.




Welcome to the world's first unique concept store, LUBRSTORE, located in Melbourne, Australia, and was established to cater to the individual needs of adults seeking discreet and rapid delivery of personal lubricant products, available on demand at any time of the day or night.

We are excited to invite you to join our successful retail team. As we continue to expand, we are looking for creative and passionate individuals who want to be part of a truly extraordinary business. For an exciting career in retail, LUBR STORE is expanding and with that we need you,



To learn more about current employment opportunities, selection criteria, and job profiles, please visit our careers page. 


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