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JUNE 2023

Case Onfleet Industry Insights


Lubr Store's Unmatched Value Proposition: A Seamless Journey from Order to Delivery

Lubr Store stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of e-commerce with a unique offering that sets it apart from all competitors. We look at how method and Its comprehensive approach, spanning from order placement to delivery and the overall shopping experience, is meticulously managed by the Lubr Group and a unique innovator making accessibility a house hold name.

Here's an exploration of the facets that make Lubr Store's value proposition truly unrivalled:

  1. Multi-Sided Platform: Lubr Store is not merely an online store but a multifaceted platform. It seamlessly integrates three essential components:

    • Consumer Sales Store: Lubr Store's online storefront is a treasure trove of Adult retail products, offering an extensive selection catering to diverse preferences.

    • Consumer Delivery Services: What truly distinguishes Lubr Store is its lightning-fast delivery services. With delivery times as short as 20 minutes, it outpaces traditional e-commerce delivery options, ensuring that customers receive their products precisely when they need them.

    • Dedicated Support Team: Lubr Store boasts a dedicated team of delivery ambassadors and support staff. These professionals go above and beyond to provide top-notch customer service, ensuring that every order is handled with care and delivered promptly.

  2. Setting the Benchmark: Lubr Store's distinctive approach is in stark contrast to ride-sharing and delivery options in the market, such as Di Di Delivery/Uber While ride-sharing platforms focus primarily on transportation, Lubr Store's dedication to the Adult retail sector and its comprehensive services make it a leader in its own right.

  3. Competitive Edge: Lubr Store's flat fee structure is a key element of its competitive edge. This transparent pricing model eliminates any guesswork for customers, allowing them to enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience without unexpected fees.

  4. Exemplary Shopping Experience: Beyond the transaction, Lubr Store places a strong emphasis on the overall shopping experience. It's not just about products; it's about creating a delightful and memorable journey for the customers.

  5. Accessibility and Convenience: Lubr Store's commitment to accessibility and convenience ensures that customers can shop for Adult retail products with ease, any time of the day or night, and receive their orders swiftly, eliminating the need for physical visits to brick-and-mortar stores.

In summary, Lubr Store's value proposition is an embodiment of excellence in the Adult retail industry. It has not only redefined the standards of order and delivery but has also elevated the overall customer experience with its purpose built integration to an unprecedented level. As a multi-sided platform managed by the Lubr Group, Lubr Store stands as a unique offering that stands head and shoulders above the competition, providing consumers with an unmatched blend of convenience, speed, and quality in the Adult retail sector. 


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MAY 2023.

Awarded the "WINNER" at the International LUST AWARDS for Specialist Adult Retailer of the year 2023.

Lubrstore has disrupted the Adult Sex industry and Novelty retailers. Lubr Store's convenience and reliability have secured the business model in a unique position.

Lubr Store and Lubr delivery a name consisting of the words, Lube and delivery mashed together introduce to online as LUBR store. The benefits of this service out way any competition or negatives.

Lubr store doesn't sell much more than Lube and things you might need after sex. Food and care products, however customers are enjoying the fast and confident store proposition.

On hand delivery means you get product in your hand in 30-60 minutes.

It's social and fun and during testing times it means that the e-commerce store and delivery partner itself secure purchasing and deliver; mean the customers doesn't drive if drunk to nearest sex store, the shops are closed and are covid aware during the global pandemic. 

Lubr Store value proposition is that it's a multi-sided platform, the consumer sales store, the consumer delivery option and the employees working the support crew and delivery ambassadors, teams delivering stock unlike ride share options offered in the market like Di Di delivery. Lubr Stores flat fee is a winner.

For the consumer, the value is in Lubr store's ability to capture the last-minute sale or online body products and personal lubricants with a quick deliverable turnaround offered by Lubr stores 24/7, 1 hour service or in 20 minutes for a premium fee.

Value proposition is a one stop, one store solution creating more that lasting impressions. Australia's first model platform focused at the Adult retail industry means even Chains of Adult shop retailers have the ability to log on and use the last mile delivery platform.

ustralia's pioneering model platform, tailored to the Adult retail industry, offers accessibility to chains of Adult shop retailers, allowing them to utilize our last-mile delivery platform seamlessly. Lubr Stores' rapid inception, expansion, increased coverage, and robust web traffic collectively estimate the brand's worth at AUD $15.2 million.

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MARCH 2022


Midsumma Festival - Midsumma Pride March 2022 



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