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Turn on the red lights and enjoy the liberating experience of Amsterdam Multi purpose Solvent Cleaner. This 30ml bottle of Amsterdam poppers could be your ticket to a better cleaning experience. Simply pop it open and let it do its thing, before you know it you’ll be cleaning like you are in one of the most liberated cities in Europe!

Amsterdam Special Red 30ml

GST Included
  • FAQ

    LUBRICATING AGENTS: jungle juice solution can be used as lubricants in preparations that provide lubricating action between machinery parts.

    DIRECTIONS: Use a clean soft cloth or cotton swab to apply cleaning solution.  Cover the test spot with the cleaner.  Gently work the cleaner into the leather.  Using a dry soft cloth absorb any excess fluid.  Let the leather dry.  Look for any discoloring.  IF any discoloring is visible, you know that using our cleaning solutions on the particular pie

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