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The product was originally developed as an ointment for use in animal gynecologist studies. Due to its low cost and excellent features, it is also used in Anal Fisting sessions.

J-Lube is a powder to which water is added, after which it becomes a fancy lubricant in the Fisting session. This water-based lubricant, thanks to its particularly smooth composition, is well suited for use in Fisting sessions or large dildos.

World’s Best J-Lube Recipe

This is how you mix Lube easily.

Take an empty 1-liter water bottle.

Add 1/3 of hot water to the bottle (no boiling needed). Add 2-3 tablespoons of J-Lube powder to the bottle. Close the bottle and shake well.

Let the moment settle and shake again. Add the following 1/3 of water and shake more.

After a while (5-10 min) you can check the lubricant composition. If necessary, add water or powder according to your preference.

Wait for a moment and the lubricant is ready for use in the Fisting session.

The warning: Lubricant may be hot. At the end, you can also add cold water to the bottle.

J-Lube 284g

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