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  • Can I contact Lubr?
    You sure can! Complete the form on the contact us page and a customer service agent will respond within 24 hours. Alternatively connect to live chat if online or call our National customer support line on 1300 568 616 during office hours. We're Australia's only 24 hour online and delivery store. To speak with us please communicate online as the system manages and tracks region.
  • Website doesn't allow payment?
    This is more common than you think! Lubr Store uses third party banks and processing merchants. Occasionally the Bank/ merchant system maybe down or offline and as such effects our processing. This is done to keep bank and merchant secure. This is beyond our control. Please come back and check to see if if Lubr is back online. See financial baking instiutions info page for further details.
  • Why do i need to be the account holder on card used?
    Under Australian and banking Institutions requirements, along with processing legislation and Lubr policy, you must be the account holder for the credit card being used. The correct billing address must be added on purchase order, or you order will be cancelled for security reasons.
  • My Order has been cancelled?
    On the event that your order has been cancelled, this happens for a number of reassons. You will be able to see on the refund notice to the reason why. see website conditions and terms and service for more information.
  • Can I pay a driver cash?
    We are a online store and prepayment is made before we dispatch any goods. We do not accept cash and a order can not be generated unless paid to Lubr store online.
  • What is the difference between LUBR store & LUBR delivery?
    Lubrstore is the online retailer open 24 hours a day. Lubr delivery is a subsidary of Lubr Group and is the delivery arm for lubrstore. It operates and runs the technology that lubrstore uses to get your product delivered fast to your door. see website delivery page for more.
  • What is LUBR X?
    The LUBRX range is a limited curated selection of adult novelty toys and fun wear.   You must be 18+ to view the range. Select the LUBR X feature from the main menu to view.      
  • What is the Concierge?
    The Concierge is Lubr Delivery parcel courier.  Book a delivery request up to 20kg and our fast fleet of drivers will get your item to the destination on time. It’s a one pick up then drop off service.   Terms and conditions of use apply.  See disclaimer on items not suitable for delivery.
  • I cant make a payment for my subscriptions?
    We are currently upgrading our subscriptions and plans and as such, payments cant not be made during this time. Please see general shopping cart to make your purchase.



Lubr Store only deliver within a 40km radius of the city Cbd, orders outside this zone will automatically be sent via parcel post, unless cancelled.


As we a online platform, please complete the contact form on our website. to report a problem see website links.

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