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Our Drivers work 24 hours 7 days a week come rain, hail or when stars shine. 
We get a lot of compliments on our service and the efficient professionalism of Lubr Store drivers and the Concierge crew. Our drivers enjoy the work and offering that Lubr support offers. 
Help them by offering a unique tip of a $1 minimum up to the amount you desire. Just add multiples on shipping Cart and the full amount is issued to the dispatch and shift driver in full. 

As our drivers don’t accept cash tips, drinks, invites into homes, this is a little way to thank them for delivering your needs when you it around the clock. 

Lubr stores values the community support and we value our employees and drivers creating wellness as part of Lubr stores values. Interested in Delivering for Lubr Store, The Concierge simply check out our careers page on our website
Everyone’s a winner:)

Gratuity | TIP

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