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The story begins early 2020 with local Melbourne, ex Sydney entrepreneur, founder and creator.

of the Lubrstore concept. Gian Federici in search for locally produced personal lubricants at affordable prices. The choice and availability were literally non existent

The rest is history, and his attention was put to developing a cheeky lubricant for daily use.  SPF.D personal lubricant was developed for people who are looking for a safe and effective male personal lubricant, while promoting, Sexy, Playful, Fun in environments Demanding the best.

While creating a new product, he realized that people have favourite product's they love, so he decided to showcase popular brands, both for males and females and be able to get these out to our customers on ddemand and quickly.

The need for product needed to be at hand, available 24/7/365 all possible to buy online and be delivered by our very own Lubr-delivery service new to Melbourne.

Lubr-delivery was created to deliver the personal needs of Melbournian's and Australian's, door to door without having to leave the comfort and safety of home. Lubr store would become the platform to showcase product's from around the world all in one shop whilst being the preferred delivery partner for Adult, Novelty stores Australia wide who offer delivery.

Lubrs fast growing delivery network has positioned itself as one of Australia's fastest and most exciting online and delivery service stores. LUBR Store promotes "Wellness in sexy playful fun", while breaking down the stigma previously associated with the industry and community groups and now serves thousands of happy customers across Australia, New Zealand and beyond.



LUBR Store is the world's first dedicated online and delivery store of personal lubricants. We offer a curated selection of top-quality lubricants from leading brands, delivered 24 hours a day, in 1 hour or less. Our mission is to make it easy for people to access the best personal lubricants and products that fit their lifestyle. We also strive to provide a safe, secure, and discreet shopping experience for our customers. With our commitment to quality and service, LUBR Store is the go-to source for anyone looking for the best personal lubricants.

Made in Melbourne, today Lubr store offers a unique shopping experience of products on hand, deliverable quickly when you need it fast! Our approach to on demand shopping along with Lubr stores fast delivery platform means we have your personal needs covered.



LUBR Store was created not only to provide a quick unique offering, but to promote "wellness in the form of sexy, playful, fun" but also awareness to support breaking down barriers and stigmas associated with the sex industry, community group's and the idea that sex should be secret and kept to the bedroom. 

While we agree sex is private amongst consenting adults, LUBR is here to make sure we are out and proud and the idea behind the act should be fun and enjoyable and never looked down upon.

As well as promoting Wellness, LUBR is here to help educate and be a support for community group's alike. Our trained staff have helped  charity groups and associations for many years, understand the need for a professional and up to date group of people to deliver exceptional customer service in our industry and in retail..




LUBR believe that by engaging with and contributing to the communities in which we live and work, we can have a positive social impact, make a lasting contribution and help achieve positive change. 

LUBR is creating community support and engagement, and we continue to maintain strong and meaningful partnerships with our local communities.  We do this by partnering with leading charitable organisations and support groups seeking to address measures of change, prevention and support to meet the needs of the vulnerable for a safer and more rewarding approach to ones self.


Promote "wellness" in the form of sexy, playful, fun"  

Supporting awareness in breaking down barriers and stigmas associated with the sex industry, community group's.

Create a means of delivering on demand product in record time and being available when people need it. "Last mile delivery"

Australia's premier personal lubricant and delivery program becoming a trusted and reliable brand,


Limited service operates on Public Holidays. At Lubr our people are as important as our customers and that is why we choose to limit our service so our employees get to spend time with friends, family and the community in which we deliver in, the people directly who give them the opportunity to work and have a great balance between work and home life.. It's part of our wellness efforts to bring joy and happiness into everything we do at Lubr. Make everyone feel good.

To learn more about our delivery times during holidays  , head over to our delivery or contact page for more details.




Want to work with the world's first unique concept LUBRSTORE made in Melbourne. Australia, LUBR was created to service the individual needs of Adults, seeking personal lubricant products deliverable quickly and discretely when the need was required any time day or night..


For a exciting career in retail, LUBR STORE is  expanding and with that we need you, Creative and Passionate people who want to be part of a truly magical business, or our wellness directory a special job awaits.

For details on current employment opportunities and selection criteria, job profiles head over to our careers page..


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