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Drip products are designed to remove friction. This one has silky Australian certified organic coconut oil, hemp seed, passionfruit seed, argan and kiwi seed oils for naturally smooth massage or play.

All drip products are designed based on real friction points of real people. Drip tests them on themselves and members of our community to make sure you get less friction and more pleasure.

This oil based lube was created for people who love the natural lubrication of coconut oil but struggle to get it out of the jar while straddling someone. Drip have liquified it and added a controlled pump, so it goes exactly where you want it to with all the benefits of organic coconut oil.

The sealable lid and removable cap mean it won’t spill all over your sheets or sex drawer. Drip also uses 100% recycled plastic, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it in the shower, or kitchen, or any of the hard surfaced areas you want to get your drip on.

Vegan Friendly

Made in Melbourne

Easy to apply in the moment

Lockable pump for your convenience

Fragrance and flavour free

Gentle on sensitive skin

100% natural ingredients

Travel friendly

Glycerin Free

Tried and tested - this is the lightest weight oil based lube we've ever seen, it is super slippery and oily and great for use with your silicone toys! Don't forget that oil based lubes are not condom or latex glove compatible, and can't be used with your rubber toys.

Drip Oil Based Lube - 30ml

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