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Back door play time is suppose to be all about fun, but if it's not done right it can be quite uncomfortable. But with the Pepee Backdoor Anal Lubricant with it's thick formula will provide the right lube for your bum fun. Thick Anal Lubricant so that you have the moisturising levels required for all your bum enjoyment. Pepee the top brand in Japan has spent a lot of time and money to find the right texture and feeling to give you what you need. Specially Designed and Formulated to provide the optimal enjoyment for both men and women in anal play. Water Based Lubricant which can be used with or without toys and condoms. Reduces Friction for More Enjoyment and isn't that something that we all want. Available in 360ml and 50ml so you can have a little or a lot on hand.

Pepe Anal back door 360ml

GST Included
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