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Unlock a new level of intensity and convenience with our XTRM Popper Caps collection. Designed specifically for popper enthusiasts, these innovative caps offer an effortless and exhilarating way to enjoy your favorite poppers. Enhance your popping experience, play harder and indulge in ultimate pleasure with XTRM Popper Caps.

How Does an XTRM Popper Cap Work?

The amplifier that all Poppers fans love! Screw on and off you go. These popper caps ensure:

no direct contact with the aroma

the aroma is more intense, finer, and many times more relaxed

no skin irritation or redness on the nose or skin

An unprecedented and significantly improved handling and effect of the poppers.

Xtrm bottle Cap [large]

GST Included
  • We sell Leather Cleaners that may contain alkyl nitrates. We are aware that some products containing alkyl nitrates are referred to as “poppers” and are used for inhalation. None of our products are sold for this purpose.

    Our Leather Cleaners are sold for the intended purpose of cleaning leather products worn proudly by the members of our community. They are not for human consumption and are only intended to be used in accordance with manufacturer label instructions.

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